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How To List and Add a Rental

After you have Registered as a new user to “List Your Property,”  Follow these steps to Add a new Rental Property

Step 1. Property Description and Rent Amount

(This section is *Required)

Step 2. Listing Location

Enter Address, City, Zip

     Map Placement

Once location is entered, click the PLACE PIN WITH PROPERTY ADDRESS button.  Your Rental should show up on the Google Map.

Listing Location

Step 3. Listing Details

Add number of Bedrooms, Bathrooms, size, etc for your rental

NOTE: Remember to add the Zip Code again here to make sure your rental is searchable by zip code.

Step 4. Choose Category,

Amenities and Features 

Use the check mark buttons.


     Choose only one category,


     Choose from multiple Amenities and Features

Amenities Features

Step 5. Add Photos of your rental

A good picture for our site is at least 500/500 px. Pictures from most smartphones work well.

Upload speeds are dependent on your internet connection and/or smartphone data plans.  You will see the photo appear when it is fully uploaded.

Add Photos

You are now ready to Add Your Rental Property!

Simply Click the “ADD PROPERTY” button and your Rental will be listed!